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Ken Cuevas

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District Deputy
Arnie Terrell

Insurance Field Rep:
J.P. Williams (678) 787-2202 Business Address: 1893 Poplar Rd. Lawrenceville GA

Officers of Council 13440:

Grand Knight -
Ken Cuevas

Deputy G. K. -
Robert Barnard

Chancellor  -
Ken Lucier

Adocate -

Bob Simler

Recorder - 
Paul Ruder


Treasurer - 
Roger Bacik


Financial Secretary -
Frank Montelione


Warden -
Fritz Siler

Inside Guard -  
Bill Childress

Outside Guard - 
Norm Snyder


1 Yr. Trustee - 
Dick Bellnier

2 Yr. Trustee -
Ray Prosek

3 Yr. Trustee -
John Davidson

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See the source imageRosary Service
All Are Welcome
In The Church
Second Monday of Each Month

See the source imageBusiness Meeting:
Following the Rosary
Pizza and our regular monthly meeting
Kane/Beltram Center

See the source imagePlanning Meeting:
Third Monday Of The Month
Library/Media Center


St. Oliver Council 13440 now has a PayPal account threw which you can pay your dues. 
Dues submitted through PayPal include a $2.00 transaction fee.

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KnightCast is a groundbreaking new video series from the Knights of Columbus. 
View the episodes here!

Keep Christ In Christmas Poster Contest
Why You Should Become a Knight - Man On A Mission

Our Next Blood Drive to be announced.  Your help will be appreciated.

 Schedule Your Blood Donation With The Red Cross (redcrossblood.org)

Wheel Chair Program

The State Council of the Knights of Columbus had made available free wheelchairs to be distributed to needy parishioners.  Here are some of the chairs we've given away over the past few months:

Click on the thumbnail for full photo

Once again we ran a Safe Summer Program to teach children how to keep themselves save from the sun and dehydration.  We gave away two bicycles during the event.


Keep Christ in Christmas


This years Winners:

5-7 year olds - Bennett Christopherson

8-10 year olds - Itzel Mendoza

11-13 year olds - Mauricio Ramos-Soto


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For Shirts, Hats and Other Knights Apparel
Knights Gear

Council Family Appreciation Picnic Photos
Blood Drive

Why You Should Be A Knight

Congratulations to our 2021-22 Officers

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Blood Drive


Setup starts at 8:00 AM, drive runs from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

Breakdown - 1:30.

Why You Should Become a Knight

Man On A Mission Video


In 1882, Father Michael J. McGivney gathered a small group of parishioners in St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut. His purpose was to establish a group of men, united in their faith, and to provide for Catholic families in times of need. This was the beginning of the Knights of Columbus.

Guided by the principles of charity, unity, and fraternity, members of the Knights of Columbus work to overcome the hardships that people face in their parishes and communities. We are a growing organization — nearly 2 million members — and for over 130 years, we have committed to overcome the challenges of the need for food, shelter, warm clothing and financial security, as well as provide aid for widows and orphans in our local communities.

Joining your local council of the Knights of Columbus can change your life. As a Knight, you have the opportunity to strengthen your parish, give back to your community, grow in your faith and gain exclusive access to our portfolio of top-quality insurance products to financially protect your family. Councils conduct many programs that support your parish and community including:

But joining your local council does not mean that you need to sacrifice quality time with your family. In fact, volunteering an hour here or an hour there with your family can make an enormous impact in your life and in the lives of others.

If you’re interested in helping those in need in your parish and community, strengthening your parish and familial relationships, growing in your faith, and gaining exclusive access to top-quality insurance protection for you and your family, then joining your local Knights of Columbus council gives you the way to achieve these goals.

Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to men 18 years of age or older who are practical (that is, practicing) Catholics in union with the Holy See. This means that an applicant or member accepts the teaching authority of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals, aspires to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, and is in good standing in the Catholic Church.



St. Oliver’s Council 13440 Knights of Columbus Is proud to announce

 The ken kennedy religious

Education fund


This fund will be administered by the Religious Education Office and funded by the Knights of Columbus. 


It is meant to help families with financial


assistance to provide the ability to transmit the practice of the faith to our children and grandchildren. 


Safe Summer Program


Followed by:

Vile for Life Form

Vile of Life Decal to Tape to Your Door

Bring the Vile for Life into your home
It Can Save Your Life

The first thing first responders need is your list of medications and your doctors information
When you can't speak for yourself, when you're in pain and confused or scared
The Vile of Life can speak for you

Simply follow the above link, Print Out the Vile for Life Form and follow the directions.

Get it now and take a step to help you help yourself


(Double Click on the Video for Full View)

Who are the
Knights Of Columbus

Why Join the
4th Degree


Why Join the
Knights of Columbus


The Life and Legacy of
Father McGivney

KnightCast is a groundbreaking new video series from the Knights of Columbus with the aim of engaging today's Catholic men in a compelling conversation about the Catholic Faith and their own, personal growth as they lead their families in service to the Church. Featuring host Jonathan Reyes as well as guests and subject matter experts in each episode, KnightCast seeks to cover topics ranging from sports and marriage to evangelization and the Saints. New episodes premiere each month at kofc.org/knightcast. Tips on how to promote KnightCast